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There comes a time when every homeowner or manager has to look at roof repair and replacement as their roof nears the end of its life. A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP has been completing roof replacements for Edmonton, Calgary, and their surrounding areas for over 70 years. You can trust that we will do your job right—as we have for over 300,000 customers so far!

At A. Clark Roofing and Siding we do roof replacements for residential and commercial buildings, whether they have flat or sloped roofs, with a wide variety of roofing systems and materials.

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Our team of professionals will complete the work as contracted by either the property owner or the prime contractor while taking care to do it right the first time.

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We periodically check on the project for the safety, workmanship, site cleanliness, and our customer’s satisfaction.

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With over 70 years of experience, trust A. Clark Roofing and Siding to get the job done right, meeting all your roofing and siding needs.

When to replace your roof in Alberta

The most obvious answer to this question is when it leaks, but most people will want to do a roof replacement before their interior gets damaged. And in some cases, you may not see the water penetrating through to the interior for years depending on the amount of water, and vapour barriers. This gap in actual water penetration and awareness of the problem can be long enough for mold and other issues to arise.

 Another common situation is when the roof repairs become less cost efficient than a complete roof replacement. Or if the roof is just starting to look very unappealing, as appearances do hold weight for resale value. Some insurance companies may also consider not giving hail or storm insurance to older roofs.

When we evaluate the best approach to your roof problem, we can help you determine whether a roof repair or roof replacement is the best course of action. We will always try to maintain the integrity of your roof through a simple repair, and we will be honest if there is no need to replace your roof yet.

There are several signs to watch for to indicate that your roof needs some attention:

  • Curled, cracked or missing shingles
  • Wet and dark shingles
  • Gutters full of shingle granules
  • Cracking, tearing, bubbling or blistering on flat roofs
  • Excessive pooling of water
  • Excessive discolouration
  • Peeling exterior paint due to moisture
  • Water stains on walls and ceiling
  • Leaky attics or attic rain
  • Increased energy bills

Each type of roof shows wear in slightly different ways and for different reasons. Metal roofs will need to be replaced if there is excessive rust, loose fasteners and broken seals, but may just need repairs depending on the scope of these issues. Metal roofs can also be repaired with re-ply roofing products instead of a full roof replacement, saving time and money in the long run. Cedar roofs and tile roofs tend to split, crack and come loose. Cedar roofs also start to cup or fray.

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With 70 years in the residential roofing and siding business, backed by a 5-year workmanship warranty and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can trust A. Clark for your roofing and siding needs in Edmonton and Calgary. Give us a call as soon as it becomes clear that a roof repair is in your future. Our full-time roof experts are standing by and available to help when you need it.

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