COVID-19 Precautions

We will be making adjustments to the way we do business with our partners and customers to limit the spread of COVID-19 based on the guidance and leadership of our public health and safety professionals and agencies adapted for our own area of work. Below is a brief summary of precautions that A. Clark Roofing and Siding is taking to help protect our staff, partners, customers and the communities we connect with. Our goal is to strive for zero contact roofing and siding.

Field and Sales Connections

  • All field and sales team members that are in contact with customers are being asked to avoid and postpone any visits into others’ homes where someone is living. If needed, we can use technology such as having pictures or videos sent to us, or we can explore the issue through alternative means.
  • We will be practicing non-physical contact and physical distancing while engaging with customers or other partners in our industry while maintaining proper hygienic practices.
  • All contracts will be available to be managed digitally.
  • We have implemented screening due diligence through questionnaires and by observing symptoms of ourselves and others as part of our regular safety and toolbox meetings with all staff and trades working on any A. Clark Roofing and Siding workplaces or job sites.
  • Our regular safety and toolbox meetings are now communicated digitally as much as possible to avoid congregating, mass exchanging of paperwork, and close contact.
  • All field staff without consistent means to hand washing or hand sanitizer will be asked to carry soap and water with them in their vehicles to their job-sites. Hand sanitizer will serve as a secondary option when necessary.

Office Functions

  • We will, unfortunately, be limiting our face to face meetings with partners and customers as much as possible during these times. We will still communicate with you via face-time, phone, email, etc.
  • Our own office will remain open in a very limited capacity and our showroom to customers will be closed. Payments can be made without coming into the office and we have waived any service fees that may have previously applied.
  • Our offices and vehicles are now part of more vigorous, guided and routine cleaning procedures and policies.

On Site Prevention

While we are practicing non-physical contact and social distancing while engaging with customers, partners and each other, there are a few situations where we have to consider further measures.

  • Installers will not start work before or be present during material loads. Loads will occur on one day, and installs will occur on a separate day, after the load. This will be done unless logistics or safety require us to operate differently at which point other precautions are in place.
  • We reserve the right to notify site-superintendents or safety officers and pause work if we feel that we are unable to work safely, physically distance ourselves or protect our work areas. In these instances, as stated, we will notify the relevant parties and work to resolve the issue quickly so we can continue work.

Financing Options

We know things like roof repairs can’t wait: to make the payments easier, we now offer a variety of convenient, flexible payment options through SNAP Home Finance. Choose the payment deferral plan that is right for you:

  • 3, 6 and or 12 months. Interest does not accrue during the deferral period.

Ask your sales consultant for full details, or click on the link to get pre-approved prior to your consultation.

Connect with us to find out more or apply online.

The maintenance of the exteriors of our homes remains a vital service that we must continue to provide while finding ways to deal with the pressures of COVID-19. The safety of our homes, buildings and our communities requires us to provide this service but to do so in modified form. To this end, we will continue to be available to perform work on homes and buildings that require our services and we will continue to listen and adapt as necessary to provide the safest service that we are capable of.

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