Spring Cleaning Essentials for Your Roof

While you are working on spring cleaning tasks inside, do not forget to look up—towards your rooftop! Your roof needs annual cleaning just as much as your floors and closets. After all, it is what protects your house from the elements and makes up almost half of your houses’ curb appeal.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Roof

Your roof is typically designed to last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, but there is a catch: you need to maintain it. Whether you do it yourself or hire Edmonton roofers to do it for you, annual maintenance is what will get you the maximum lifespan out of those shingles.

  • Clean Off Debris – Leaves, pine needles and even branches can get blown on top of your roof and stay there year-round. While a few leaves are nothing to worry about, excessive debris allows moisture to accumulate and begin causing rot in the roof. Use a rake or air blower to gently clean off the debris.
  • Take a Look at Your Trees – If your home has trees that grow close to the roof, check to make sure none of the limbs are growing over onto the roof. The branches can scrape and damage shingles, and leaves will start to accumulate. Trim back any branches and try to keep them at least two feet away from the house.
  • Mold and Algae Cleanup – If you see any signs of mold or algae, you need to take care of it before it erodes your roofing materials. Roofing companies in Edmonton can treat your mold buildup with chlorine bleach solutions.
  • Clean Up Your Gutters Too – While you are cleaning your roof, do not forget about the gutters. Make sure water is flowing through each gutter using a hose test, and scoop out any dirt and leaves stuck inside.
  • Get an Inspection – Edmonton roofing contractors can spot issues with your roof and correct them before they become a costly repair job. From missing shingles to flashing issues and poor ventilation, having an expert on the roof to take a look is worth it.

A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. can help you with your rooftop spring cleaning. From inspections to repairs and even algae cleanup, we are here to help you get your roof in shape before the next season.

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