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For over 70 years, Edmonton’s A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP has built a rock-solid reputation based on our skill, honesty, and quality roofing workmanship and knowledge. In addition to being well-informed and experienced in all forms of flat roofs, our expertise also extends to the installation, maintenance, and repair of flat roofing systems. Make A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP your one-stop-shop for all flat roofing-related issues in Edmonton.

Our most common spec for flat roofing includes:

  • FR board mechanically fastened
  • 2-ply SBS thermally sealed protection, 180 granular cap sheet in black, grey, or brown
  • Pre-finished metal cap flashing as needed
  • Scuppers and drains for positive drainage
  • Seals around any flat roof penetrations

Flat roofing must be able to both hold weather for long durations—such as winter snow build-up—and to shed weather through positive drainage. A 2-ply torch on system will provide excellent protection, but it is expensive and requires specially-trained labour to apply to the roof deck. For these reasons, it is essential that flat roofing is done professionally the first time, as any flaws will be constantly challenged year-round.

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Flat roofing benefits for homes and businesses

A. Clark Roofing & Siding have been doing flat roofing in Edmonton from day 1—and that was over 70 years ago! Flat roofing gives you versatility— whether you just need the waterproofing or are going to use this space for entertaining. We can show you how, and we can also do many types of decking on top of this roofing that won’t compromise any membranes. While renovating, we can also assess parapet walls and if they are waterproofed correctly or not. Sometimes they aren’t at the right heights. With many code changes in the past, we find that insulation usually isn’t adequate and results in heat loss in the winter or excessive heat in the summer. We can assess what your job needs and tell you what to do for it to be done right. This is also done for drainage—sometimes it has to be updated or redone. We specialize in 2-ply SBS roofing for both new and renovations.

Edmonton flat roofing prices

If you have a flat roof and are having it redone or are building something new, you need the right system, installed properly. Flat roofing is considered specialty work and costs more than most sloped shingle systems. This cost is justified, as the complexity is far greater with flat roofing compared to all other systems, and the components and products used are of the highest quality. SBS materials increase in price yearly like clockwork. Since it is an oil-based product, its pricing is sometimes dictated by the oil industry.

Some considerations when installing a flat roof:

  • To put on 2-ply SBS roofing systems, companies need special insurance for using open flames on the roof (where the “torch on” name comes from). Always ask to see a companies insurance, WCB certification, and safety tickets.
  • The new R-Value is 44 so talk to your estimator/project manager about how to achieve this so there is no heat loss in the winter and your home isn’t an oven in the summer

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Not sure how much life is left in your flat roof?  A. Clark can provide you with a detailed roof report, along with a set of recommendations for future maintenance. As an industry leader for over 70 years, you can trust A. Clark to cover all your flat roofing needs. If you have an upcoming flat roofing project, give us a call to schedule a free estimate and consultation. Spring and summer are often very busy, so get your estimate requests in as soon as possible to avoid delays!

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