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Concrete roof tile installation & repair

High-quality, energy-efficient concrete roofing tiles

Among the most traditionally elegant roofing products on the specialty roofing market, concrete roof tile adds a unique look to your home and provides excellent protection against the elements. With the emergence of lightweight synthetic alternatives to concrete tile roofing, finding true concrete or slate roofing has become increasingly rare in Alberta.

The difficulties with concrete tiles in this market have contributed to the rising demand for synthetic or alternative roofing products, such as metal roofing tiles, to give the same curb appeal of a concrete tile roof without all of the challenges involved. Stone-coated steel roofing is light-weight, requires no strapping or truss reinforcement, and comes in several profiles and colours to emulate Spanish tile, Roman tile, and terracotta.

While these difficulties persist, as a professional roofing contractor, we are able to help customers with tile roof repairs and replacements. For roof tile repairs, this does depend on the stage of life cycle of the tile roof and possible new roof tiles available. There are lightweight tile alternatives or synthetic tiles, and concrete tiles with new or emerging manufacturer’s in the market for consideration of repairs and replacements. For a slate look, A. Clark has experience installing a rubber synthetic roofing product that is both light-weight, easy to install, and exceptionally durable.

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Concrete roof tile installation

Concrete roof tiles take experience and skill to install. Being able to install common roof systems does not guarantee being able to do a proper concrete tile roof system. The same goes for most comparable alternatives, such as lightweight tiles, synthetic tiles, rubber roofing, or metal tiles. Both preparatory work and fastening differ, different tools for cutting and alignment are required, and even something as simple as walking on the product takes experience to prevent damage and injury.

If you are interested in concrete tile, slate, or comparable tile roofing alternatives, our team is always happy to assist you in making an informed decision. You can phone our office to speak to an experienced specialist or drop by to view the products in our showroom.

Concrete roof tile repair  

Should damage occur to your concrete roof tiles, be aware that the tiles can fall off in pieces. Falling heavy materials can cause damage or injury. Once concrete tiles start to crack and get damaged, it can recur, so tile roof maintenance may be required from time to time.

The process of repairing and replacing the damaged tiles is relatively uncomplicated if they were installed recently; however, if the roof tiles were installed a number of years ago, matching tiles can be difficult due to recent shifts in concrete tile market’s suppliers and manufacturers.

While these problems exist, we can help customers find solutions or alternatives so that your roof is safe and weatherproof. Each situation is different, and the market is always evolving with new ideas, so contact us today to start the conversation.

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