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How to Choose a Good Roofer in Edmonton

When you need a new roof or roof repair in Edmonton, the main question on your mind should be how to choose a good roofer. At A. Clark Roofing & Siding, we want all home and business owners in the province to receive the level of expertise and customer service they deserve. Here are the…

Emergency Phone Numbers for Roof Repair in the Edmonton Regions

The nature of emergencies is that they usually strike when you least expect them. If you find yourself in need of roof repair in Edmonton or Calgary, then you need a roofing company you can rely on. A. Clark Roofing & Siding is an Alberta roofer with both an Edmonton location and a Calgary location….

Announcement: Winner of Free Roof Giveaway and Next Contest!

Wondering where to sign up for a free roof contest in Alberta? Well, if you live in Edmonton or the surrounding communities of Sherwood Park and St. Albert, then you need to know about A. Clark Roofing’s annual free roof giveaway promotion. If your roof is getting old and you sign a contract with our…

Eavestrough Replacement & Repair for Bent Gutters and Eaves

Gutters and eavestroughs are a critical component of your roofing system. Unfortunately, they can sometimes get bent out of shape due to too much debris, heavy snow, strong winds, or a number of other causes. At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP, our local Edmonton and Calgary roofers want you to know how to spot…

How Often Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced in Alberta?

You might think that the answer to how often a roof needs to be replaced would be a simple one. The truth, however, is that it depends on quite a few different factors. But don’t worry, your Edmonton roofers at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. are here to help you figure out how long…

The Best Ways to Clear Snow Off Your Rooftop Solar Panels

Many homeowners across Alberta have taken the solar plunge and started generating energy for their homes with rooftop solar panels. Of course, while Alberta may be known for its clear, sunny skies, it is also known for its winters and snowfall.

10 Questions You Need to Answer Before Replacing Your Roof

Alberta experiences its share of weather extremes, from golf-ball sized hail in the summer to heavy snow that causes ice dams on your roof in the winter. All of this can take a toll on even the most well-constructed roof. Have years of weather damage led you to think about replacing your roof? From the…

Wind Warnings in Edmonton – What Do They Mean for Your Roof?

At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., our Edmonton roofers are often called on to repair and replace roofs damaged by severe weather. A properly installed roof can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, but strong winds can pose a serious challenge to any roof’s safety and integrity.

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