The Disadvantages of a Cookie-Cutter Roof

If you are thinking about a replacing your roof, then a cookie-cutter roof may seem like a good option at first. Perhaps you have seen a roofing company advertise that their standard, “one-size-fits-all” roofing solution can help save some time and money. But is this really the case, or could a cookie-cutter roof do your home more harm than good?

Unfortunately, the truth is that a cookie-cutter roof will likely fall short in regards to:

– Materials

Different roofing materials work better in different climates and geographical areas. Materials that work great for a warm climate may be terrible for a cold climate. Cookie-cutter roofers, however, use the same materials regardless of location, which might make for a roof that quickly damages and deteriorates.


Climate and location have to be similarly taken into consideration when planning the design of a roof. Standard solutions typically don’t often allow for the flexibility needed to select the proper roof design.

– Installation

Standard roofs are often installed directly over top of an existing roof without consideration of any problems that the existing roof may have. This can lead to some very difficult-to-fix problems in the future.

– Customer Service

Finally, trying to deal with problems once a standard roof has been installed can be a headache. The roofing teams that install cookie-cutter roofs often move around, so you will likely have a tough time getting in touch with someone who is familiar with your specific project.

Get the Right Roof for Your Edmonton Area Home

Don’t waste time considering the offer of a roofing company that promises to pass savings along to you because of their “standard” materials, designs, and methods. A quality roof that will protect your home and last you for decades to come needs to be designed and built for your specific roofing needs.

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