STARS Air Ambulance Lottery Home Fundraiser

What is STARS?

In what has become a yearly partnership with industry leaders, A. Clark is proud to be part of the extensive team that rallies together to donate time and resources for the supporting emergency rescue in our province.  STARS provides emergency response services with their fleet of helicopters and well trained medical staff.  In situations where seconds count or in areas too remote for quick medical access, STARS is a lifesaving program with many heartwarming success stories.

Concept Homes

A. Clark has long enjoyed a business partnership with Concept Homes, a family-run custom home builder with a 50-year tradition for quality custom homes in the city of Edmonton. Their stunning show homes have served as the grand prize for the STARS Lottery for many years running—one of the main sources of funding for maintaining and operating remote rescue services in Alberta.

Working Together

When floor plans for the STARS Lottery Home arrive at A. Clark, our estimating team ensures that the project uses the highest standard of specifications for a residential home.  This includes Ice and Water Shield along eaves and valleys, prefinished steel flashing, and drip edge flashing along all eave lines to protect the last row of shingles.  The shingles for the 2019 lottery home were BP Mystique architectural shingles, which were donated by our partners at (Building Products of Canada) for the project.  Delivery of materials on-site was donated by who are one of our main suppliers for shingles and delivery in Edmonton and its surrounding satellites.  Lastly, labour for the installation of the roofing system is donated by A. Clark Roofing and Siding LP, along with final inspections and job site cleanup.

The STARS Lottery Home is a major fundraiser for STARS air rescue, providing a large portion of their funding to upgrade and maintain their fleet and provide services to all of Alberta.  A. Clark is proud to be part of the team that makes the Stars Lottery Home an ongoing success. For more information about STARS and the critical work they do in our province, their website can be found at

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