Your Guide to Repair and Replacement for Bent Gutters and Eavestroughs

Gutters and eavestroughs are a critical component of your roofing system. Unfortunately, they can sometimes get bent out of shape due to too much debris, heavy snow, strong winds, or a number of other causes. At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP, our Edmonton roofers want you to know how to spot signs of trouble with your eavestroughing as well as what you can do about it.

The Importance of a Properly Working Eavestrough System

Situated along the eaves of your home, your eavestroughing is responsible for draining water off your roof. Our roofers know how important eavestroughs are for protecting your fascia, soffit, and siding. Leaky or bent and sloping gutters can not only cause damage to your home’s exterior but may eventually lead to leaks as well. Thankfully, spotting signs of trouble is usually pretty easy.

Should I Repair or Replace My Eavestrough Gutters?

Take a look at your eavestroughs. Do they seem to be sagging or bending away from the eaves? It’s best to fix the problem or have your eavestroughs replaced as soon as possible to prevent any potential damage to your home.

The best way to stay on top of any necessary repairs or replacements to your eaves and gutters is to perform a roof inspection at least two times a year. For a helpful guide from A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. on how to inspect your roof, click here.

How Small Bents in Gutters are Repaired

A slight sag or bend on a gutter is something that a handy homeowner may be able to fix themselves by following a few simple steps:

  1. Inspect the gutter and clean out any debris that may be contributing to the problem.
  2. Drill a pilot hole through the top outer edge of the gutter.
  3. Insert a gutter spike through the hole and into a spike sleeve.
  4. Hammer the spike through the other side of the gutter and into the fascia boards.

When to Call Edmonton Roofers for Repair or Replacement

If you’re not comfortable standing on a ladder or performing home repairs, then Edmonton roofing contractors can quickly and easily perform eavestrough repairs for you. Bent sections can typically be replaced at a minimal cost. An eavestrough system that has many leaks and obvious signs of cracking and damage will likely need to be replaced in its entirety, but it’s well worth the investment to protect your home from leaks and flooding.

Gutter and Eaves Replacement Service in Edmonton

If your gutters require anything more than a simple fix, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals. The Edmonton roofing contractors at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. can have your eavestroughs fixed up in no time. We also provide continuous 5- and 6-inch eavestrough systems if replacement is the better option. All of our work is backed by a 5-year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

For a free estimate on eavestrough repair or replacement, just contact A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. today.

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