Evaluating and Repairing Damage Caused By Roof Leaks

A roof leak, no matter how small, is not something that you should ever ignore and put off fixing for a later date. In just a short period of time, even small leaks can damage ceilings, destroy insulation, framing, and sheathing, and cause mold. Roof leaks are often obvious from ceiling stains, so it is usually possible to take prompt action and stop the leak from getting any worse. The first step is to evaluate the cost of repairs.

Roof Leak Evaluation

While it is sometimes easy to tell that you have a roof leak, figuring out where it’s coming from and how much damage it has caused can be a whole different story. This can make it very difficult to even guess at the cost of repairs. Furthermore, without the proper knowledge, equipment and safety precautions, it can be very dangerous if you are on the roof trying to take matters into your own hands. Your best option for a proper roof leak evaluation is to have it looked at by a roof repair contractor in Edmonton who can estimate the repair cost for you.

Roof Leak Repair

Once you know the potential costs of getting a roof leak fixed, it can be tempting to try to save some money and do the repairs yourself. However, undertaking a roof repair with no expertise or experience, and without the proper tools and materials, can often do more harm than good. You will ultimately save more money by getting quality and professional repairs done by a certified roofing contractor who can ensure that the leak is fixed for good.

Keep in mind that a roof which is regularly inspected by a professional Edmonton roofing company is going to be much less likely to develop leaks and have much lower repair costs if it does. It is a good idea to get your roof checked out after extreme weather such as heavy rains, winds, and snows.

Professional Roof Leak Evaluation and Repair in Edmonton

If you notice the signs of a roof leak in your Edmonton, St. Albert or Sherwood Park home, or if you just want to get your roof checked out after a storm, then our roofing contractors at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. can take a look at it for you. Give us a call and we can schedule an evaluation so that our qualified and experienced roofers can start repairs right away.

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