Types of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of profiles, colours and even textures, allowing you to completely transform the exterior of your home into something truly unique and beautiful. By understanding the full range of options, you can better select the type of vinyl you want to install for your home.

The Three Main Types of Vinyl Siding

Edmonton roofers typically offer three types of vinyl siding, which include:

  1. Horizontal Siding – Horizontal siding or clapboard style is one of the more commonly used types of vinyl siding. It can be combined with other types as well to create various textures on the front of your home. Other horizontal styles can include Dutch lap and beaded or log-siding style. The Dutch lap and clapboard styles are two of the more popular varieties and offer a traditional look. They can look like real hand-carved wooden planks and work well on modern or even historic homes.
  2. Board and Batten – The board and batten style is a vertical vinyl plank. Sometimes referred to as a “barn siding”, this style has been used for centuries on older homes and can be paired with wooden shakes for a more rustic look.
  3. Half Rounds – These are used more for accent than the actual siding of the home. Half rounds come in a variety of shapes, patterns and colours and are used to trim a home and add a special touch to the home’s style.

Textures and Colours of Vinyl

Once you select the main category of vinyl siding you want, you still have to decide on the texture and colour of that siding. The textures may vary by manufacturer and the style of siding selected, but three of the more common textures you can choose include:

  • Woodgrain – This features a real wood-like texture without the worries of swelling or rotting.
  • Smooth – Smooth and sanded finishes can replicate sanded and painted wood or be used for finishes such as board and batten siding.
  • Rugged – This gives your home a more rustic texture and is used primarily on Cape Cod and Craftsman style homes.


In addition to textures, you will have numerous colours to choose from. The spectrum of colours you can choose from will depend on the style of siding you choose as well. Traditional pastel and neutral tones are always available, but darker colours may require special insulation in order for the colour to maintain its appearance over longer timeframes.

A. Clark Roofing & Siding’s Edmonton roofers can help you find the perfect vinyl siding for your home. Whether you want to combine styles or just find something simple and timeless, we can help. Contact us at 780-465-7571 or fill out an online contact form to request a no-obligation estimate today.


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