How Often Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced in Alberta?

You might think that the answer to how often a roof needs to be replaced would be a simple one. The truth, however, is that it depends on quite a few different factors. But don’t worry, your Edmonton roofers at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. are here to help you figure out how long […]


The Best Time to Replace Your Siding: An Edmonton Homeowner’s Guide

When most homeowners plan to replace their siding, it will usually revolve around their budget or the severity of damage to their siding.


Four Common Signs of Winter Siding Damage That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Winters in Alberta are not easy on home siding. The freezing temperatures and ample snowfall can cause significant damage, leaving your home vulnerable to the elements.


The Best Ways to Clear Snow Off Your Rooftop Solar Panels

Many homeowners across Alberta have taken the solar plunge and started generating energy for their homes with rooftop solar panels. Of course, while Alberta may be known for its clear, sunny skies, it is also known for its winters and snowfall.


Consider Choosing a Modern Metal Roof for Your Edmonton Home

While metal roofing has more commonly been found on commercial roofs in the past, it is quickly becoming a material of choice for residential roofs as well. At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., our Edmonton roofing contractors have installed modern metal roofing systems for homeowners throughout Alberta. Let’s take a look at why this […]



Back in 1987 after the tornado your firm replaced our house shingles and did an excellent job. Thats why we called you again. Very satisfied. Definitely would recommend your firm. It's been a pleasure doing business with your firm again.

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