How to Select the Best Drainage System for Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs are popular in commercial construction and can be found on many homes and condos as well. Though there are numerous benefits to flat roofing, one of the main challenges is in settling on a proper drainage system. A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., one of the most trusted Edmonton roofing companies providing residential […]


Roof Inspection Checklist for Catching Roof Problems Early

Performing an annual visual inspection on your roof is one of the best ways to catch potential problems early on, and the fall is probably the best time to do it. When performing an inspection yourself, however, it’s best not to climb up on your roof – leave that part to experienced Edmonton roofers. The […]


Fall Chores for Maintaining Your Home and Roof

Keeping your home and your roof in good shape takes work, especially as colder temperatures begin to approach. The fall is an important time for completing certain chores and maintenance tasks before the freeze really sets in. The Edmonton roofers at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. want to help you get your home in […]


How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Once the leaves begin changing colour and the morning temperatures start to dip, it’s safe to say that fall has arrived and that it’s time to start thinking about preparing your roof for the winter. Winter roof maintenance is important for preventing winter ice dams and keeping roof leaks at bay. The Edmonton and Sherwood […]


Top Signs You Need Emergency Roof Repairs

The top of your roof isn’t exactly the most visible part of your home, which is why it can be easy to forget about. Unfortunately, this often allows major problems to go unnoticed until it’s too late for effective repairs. By regularly inspecting your roof, you’ll be able to recognize the signs that it’s time […]



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