Is Solar Roofing Right for Your Home in Edmonton?

Every homeowner wants to find a way to combat those ever-increasing utility bills. While solar panels used to be the only option, now homeowners can add solar shingles to their roofs to generate energy and cut back on their utility costs.

Ready to Join the Green Revolution? Most homeowners have avoided solar panels simply because of their aesthetic appeal. Solar roofing, however, is seamless and almost invisible when installed by skilled Edmonton roofers. No one will know you have energy-generating shingles on top of your house.

While solar roofing is definitely worth considering, it does require a significant upfront investment. So, it is best to familiarize yourself with this new product and see if it is right for your home.

Why Choose Solar Roofing?

Solar roofing combines typical roofing materials with integrated photovoltaics to convert sunlight into solar energy. Using this type of energy conductor yields a few distinct benefits, including:

  • Practically invisible solar power – no more large panels protruding from your roof.
  • Clean energy and renewable power that is wired into your home’s electrical system to power your house.
  • Increasing the value of your home – especially because green energy is in such high demand these days.
  • Withstanding more abuse than traditional solar panels. Because these are mounted flat onto your roof, they are not subject to wind damage like panels are. Some brands can take up to 80 mile per hour winds.

Are There Downsides to Solar Roofs?

Roofing companies in Edmonton offer solar roofs, but the price is much more than your average roof. That is because you are purchasing specialized shingles and then also paying to essentially rewire and configure your home to solar energy.

There is a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding modern solar technology. Check out our guide about 5 Common Residential Solar Panel Myths –Debunked! 

Another thing to consider is the snow. While light snowfall on top of solar roofs will not hinder their ability, a few inches of snow could force your panels to stop generating energy. This means you may need to ensure a sloped roof where snow will not pile up in thick layers. With proper construction and installation, this will not be a dramatic problem.

How Much Do Solar Roofs Cost?

The cost of solar roofs can vary depending on the size of your home (which determines how many panels you need) and the type of solar shingles you choose. It is best to speak to a skilled Edmonton roofing contractor that specializes in these types of panels to get an accurate estimate. A. Clark Roofing & Siding Lp. offers solar roofing products and we are proud to offer free estimates to those who are thinking about converting to solar energy.

Call us today for a no-obligation estimate from our roofing contractors in Edmonton.


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