Attic Rain – What Is It and How Can It Damage Your Home?

Edmonton roofing companies have been getting more and more calls about a winter attic issue known as attic rain. Attic rain is essentially a build-up of frost that forms during periods of colder temperatures. When the temperatures warm up, the frost melts and the water drips down onto the ceiling and walls. The Edmonton roofers at A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. would like to help homeowners learn why attic rain occurs and what to do if it happens to them.

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What Causes Attic Rain?

Attic rain occurs when heat and moisture from everyday activities such as cooking and doing laundry leak into the attic. When temperatures are cold, the moisture turns into frost and can settle into layers up to eight inches thick. The longer the cold period lasts, the more frost can accumulate until warmer weather comes around or one of Alberta’s famous Chinook winds blows through.

How Can I Prevent Attic Rain?

Preventing attic rain is all about controlling the moisture inside of your home. Here are some tips for keeping moisture levels down.

  • Do not run a humidifier if your indoor humidity is between 30%-50%.
  • Turn on your oven hood exhaust fan while cooking.
  • Turn on your bathroom exhaust fan while showering or doing laundry.

Why Are More Homeowners Dealing with Attic Rain Lately?

At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., our Edmonton roofing contractors have noticed that part of the reason why attic rain is becoming more common is that it is more likely to occur in today’s newer and more energy-efficient homes. New construction homes in Calgary, Edmonton, and throughout Alberta are far more airtight and do a much better job at trapping moisture and warm air inside. This is why many new homes have a whole-house ventilation system which exchanges all of the air inside of the home with outside air.

If your home does not have this system or if you don’t run it often enough, then you could end up with attic rain.

Have Your Roof Inspected by Trusted Edmonton Roofers

If you’ve taken some steps to try preventing attic rain but you still notice water stains on your ceilings and walls, then you will require roof repair. It is crucial that you have your roof inspected by an experienced and knowledgeable roofer to prevent further water damage.

The only real solution to attic rain is to ensure that your attic is properly ventilated with the correct number and location of roof vents and soffits. Roof vents draw air out of the attic while soffits bring in air from the outside, allowing the air to circulate. Proper attic ventilation helps regulate moisture levels and temperature, preventing the formation of attic rain.

At A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP., our experienced Edmonton and Sherwood Park roofing contractors can provide you with a thorough roof and siding inspection. We will then offer you a free estimate for correcting any roof, siding, or attic ventilation issues that may be causing attic rain.

For more information on attic rain or to schedule an inspection, just contact A. Clark Roofing & Siding LP. today or call us at 780.465.7571


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