Solar Energy in Edmonton

The future has arrived in Canada’s oil patch with Alberta’s commitment to solar energy beginning with municipalities, and homeowners preparing to access the program. In a May 2017 article the Edmonton Journal noted that the city’s climate numbers from Environment Canada showed there are now 38 fewer days with a minimum temperature below freezing. In […]


Benefits of New Eavestroughs

Water and moisture in general are the enemy of each and every home and while your roof is your home’s first defense against harsh weather. It is your eavestrough system that actually takes that water and safely moves it away from your home – that is if they’d been installed properly, are not clogged, and […]


Learn from These Common Roofing Mistakes

Today’s challenging economics and the recent wave of home renovations shows have emblazoned many a do-it-yourself (DIY) handy-people to take on increasingly challenging projects around their home as well as unqualified and inexperienced individuals to “pick up a few side jobs” during the summer. The result is any number of common roofing mistakes that can […]


Experience Roof Leaks? Now What?

It can happen to anyone and if you own or maintain a building, there’s a likelihood that it will happen at some point in your lifetime. Roofs leak – especially if they have not been maintained or replacement has been put off well past its ‘best before date’.


Are You A New Home Owner in Edmonton?

If you’re a new home owner, congratulations – it can be a big decision in life and as one of your biggest investments – it is now your biggest responsibility in caring for both the property and your family in it. Most new homeowners never give it much thought but you will want to protect […]



Back in 1987 after the tornado your firm replaced our house shingles and did an excellent job. Thats why we called you again. Very satisfied. Definitely would recommend your firm. It's been a pleasure doing business with your firm again.

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